Being setting up in 2006, our CAT VINH company has aimed the target to export the agricultural products which is a strength of our tropical countries.

We indeed have been collected and processed frozen chili for export for years.

Later on , we then converted to supply the dipping incense stick, Joss Powder ( Jigat Powder) for making incense stick and mosquito coils and related products as well.

Nowadays , we supply various assortments of high quality of incense stick as machine made black charcoal ones, natural incense stick, colored incense stick, Big Joss stick,Dragon Joss stick ,Hourly incense stick.

Additional products can be cited as cone and coil incense sticks.

We improve to offer a proper lead time, on time shipment , clean export documentation to our esteemed clients.But overall , we are always be responsible for our products.

We always seriously watched and got feedback from the market to enable us to be always responsive with the trends and demands of the clients.

Our products have been exported directly and through trading entities to many countries all over the world such as India,Thailand, Malaysia,Philippines,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh and African countries.


1)Natural incense sticks

+ Length 20,23,28,29,32,33,38 ,39cm

+Diameter:32. mm

+Packing:in bundles of 01 Kg, in good carton box of 20-25 Kgs net

2)Colored incense stick( various length as above with red, pink, yellow, clue, green ,purple color)

Specifications : as (1)

3)Big Joss stick(natural color and colorful)

+ Length:47,59,77,94 cm and longer

+ Diameter :10-12mm

+Packing in bundles in carton boxes of 500,1000,2000 sticks( customised)

4) Dragon Joss stick:

+ Length:24,29,36,42,50,60,80,120,126,180 cm

+Assortment:Red color based with colorful ornaments(hand painting)

                      Seven color sticks

                      Full gold color sticks

+Packing: 3 pieces /5 pieces

5)Hourly incense sticks:

+Burning 6,8 and 12 hours

+Unperfumed and light perfumed

+Packing:9 sticks/customised

6)Coil incense, Cone incense ,Carving incense stick,Printing incense stick

7) Joss powder, Wood powder


The main reason behind our distinguish position in the market is the quality that we maintain in our entire product range.

Indeed, we use non toxic and finest grade of raw materials to make products.

The production is examined carefully before, during and upon production completion.


We are highly responsible for our generated products.The complaints , problems, if any , will be mutually discussed and amicably settled


Clients will be updated constantly about production progress, loading preparation and shipment.

Export documents will be prepared professionally and customised as per clients’ request.

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